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Questions Frequently Asked about Fuel Magic

Q: When and how often should I use Fuel Magic? - Use a small amount of Fuel Magic in each and every tankful of fuel. Fuel Magic is super concentrated so very little is needed. Use Fuel Magic regularly to improve the performance of all of your engines and to keep them performing like new year after year.

Q: I used Fuel Magic and my performance improved. If I stop using Fuel Magic will my performance go back down again? - Your engine will run better for a short period of time because of the removal of the combustion deposits, but your performance will begin to degrade again over time.  It only takes a little squirt of Fuel Magic to keep your engine performance in top shape.

Q: If I use double or triple the amount of Fuel Magic will I get even better performance improvement? - No. Use a little bit of Fuel Magic each time you add fuel to see a continuous improvement in performance.

Q: I run a fleet and my drivers often forget about adding a fuel additive when they're on the road. Can Fuel Magic still provide benefits even if it's not used every day?  Absolutely. You can treat your vehicles when they're at home base and still get much of the benefits of Fuel Magic. 

Q: How do I measure how much to use? - It is not necessary to measure exactly. Anywhere within the treatment range is fine. Each bottle has measuring guidelines marked on it.  Using the appropriate size bottle makes it easy to add approximately the right amount of Fuel Magic to your tank. Fuel Magic comes in 16 oz. pour bottles for trucks, 2 oz. squirt bottles for cars, and 1 gallon jugs for bulk fuel treatment.

Q: How can I squirt Fuel Magic past the flap in my fuel tank filler opening? - It usually doesn't matter whether the flap is open or closed. Fuel Magic does not evaporate quickly and will find its way into the tank. Just add a gentle squirt of Fuel Magic regularly - either before or after fueling.

Q: How can one fuel additive improve both diesel fuel and gasoline?  Aren't cetane and octane opposite measurements?
Fuel Magic is not a conventional fuel additive. Fuel Magic's combustion modifier increases the cetane in diesel fuel by about 2 to 2.5 numbers. Fuel Magic's attraction to metal also creates a thin film that penetrates and removes combustion deposits which, in gasoline engines, creates a reduction in the octane demand of the engine. 

Q: Don't the new top tier gasolines eliminate combustion deposits inside the engine?
Not completely.  Top tier fuels do a decent job of cleaning fuel injectors and intake valves and keeping them clean.  However, the detergents that accomplish this leave deposits of their own deeper inside the combustion chamber on the piston tops and cylinder heads.  Evidence of this is shown on page 16 of recent tests conducted by the AAA using top tier vs. non-top-tier fuels.  AAA Fuel Quality Full Report   Fuel Magic will penetrate and remove these combustion chamber deposits while adding lubrication to the pistons.

Q: If combustion chamber deposits are a problem wouldn't it be better to use internal engine cleaner once a year?
By allowing carbon to build up and break away you are increasing the wear on your pistons and cylinders. Fuel Magic will remove hardened combustion deposits as you drive and keep new ones from building up.  Fuel Magic will save many times its cost in fuel savings alone, with additional benefits from the fuel tank through the combustion chamber.

Q: How can you predict how many gallons of fuel a bottle of Fuel Magic will save?
Fuel mileage improvement varies widely with the type of fuel, condition of the engine and driving conditions.  In the U.S. Fuel Magic has a proven average fuel savings of about 8%. A 2 oz. squirt bottle treats 80 gallons of gasoline so you can expect to save about 8% of that - or 6 gallons.  A 16 oz. pour bottle treats 400 gallons of diesel fuel, so a trucker should save 8% of that on average - or 32 gallons of diesel fuel

Q: Isn't oil from the crankcase sufficient to keep pistons lubricated?
Fuel Magic's unique polar compound has a molecular attraction to the metallic surfaces inside the engine which creates a thin film that reduces friction and wear, including the upper cylinder area that oil never touches. This attraction also allows Fuel Magic to remove combustion deposits for reduced wear.

Q: Has Fuel Magic been approved by my engine manufacturer? Will it void my engine warranty?
Fuel Magic conforms to the standards set by the World-Wide Fuel Charter; therefore it will not void engine warranties. All fuels and additives within those guidelines are acceptable for use with their engines and will not void warranties..  Fuel Magic can be used safely with all modern emission control equipment. Fuel Magic is safe for all engines.  Fuel Magic is also EPA accepted for bulk treatment of unleaded gasolines, ethanol fuels, bio-diesel and the new low sulfur diesel fuels.

The longer you use Fuel Magic the more you'll appreciate all of its benefits.
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