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Fuel Magic for Construction, Transportation and Power Generation
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Fuel Magic - Created Specifically to Improve Fuel Economy
Fuel Magic Super Fuel Saver is unique in that it has an attraction to metal, and when added to gasoline or diesel fuels this attraction allows the treated fuel to penetrate hardened combustion deposits on the piston and cylinder heads and remove them with each firing of the engine, effectively reversing the aging of the combustion chamber.  This attraction also forms a protective film that helps lubricate the combustion chamber and fuel system and inhibits corrosion and combustion deposits from developing. 
The proven 8% fuel savings alone makes Fuel Magic literally profitable to use, but it also provides many other environmental and performance benefits.  Fuel Magic's combustion chamber deposit removal combined with the more complete burning of fuel creates added power, smoother acceleration, reduced engine maintenance, extended engine life and substantial pollution reduction.  Engine performance improves with each tankful.

Fuel Magic is super concentrated and extremely cost effective to use. Treatment ratios are 3000:1 for diesel and 5000:1 for gasolines.  A gallon of Fuel Magic, which treats 3000 gallons of diesel fuel, will save 240 gallons of diesel with its proven 8% average, and is equally effective with gasoline.  Fuel Magic is approved for all fuels and for bulk treatment.  Fuel Magic is self-blending and no stirring is needed.

One Pint (16oz. bottle) treats 400 gallons of diesel fuel and with the proven 8% average fuel savings, will save you 32 gallons of diesel fuel.

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Import and export opportunities are now available.  In countries with lower quality fuels, Fuel Magic will improve fuel economy by 10% to 20% and reduce exhaust pollution as much as 40%.  Vehicles that use Fuel Magic regularly will see a substantial reduction of engine combustion chamber overhauls.
Fuel Magic Creates More Power with Less Fuel
Fuel Savings for Truckers
A trucker can save on average $500 in fuel per truck each month using 1 bottle a week.
Top tier fuels need Fuel Magic. IMPROVES ALL GASOLINES
Misconceptions about octane, engine cleanliness and Top Tier Fuels.
Video: "Fuel Saving Technology for Today's Fuels" FUEL MAGIC VIDEO
A simple explanation of how Fuel Magic works.
Fuel Magic Benefits
Unique benefits from the fuel tank through the combustion chamber.
Corrosion prevention and fuel stabilization. FUEL STABILIZER
Inhibits rust corrosion and fuel loss in storage.
The importance of cetane in diesel fuels. CETANE BOOSTER
Match the correct cetane number to your engine.
Savings for Industry Worldwide
Big savings for heavy industry. INDUSTRIAL FUEL SAVINGS
Significant fuel and pollution reduction for mining, power generation, construction and transportation.
Distribution opportunities in many countries. IMPORT OPPORTUNITIES
Fuel Magic is especially effective in regions with poor quality fuels.
Fuel Magic EPA registry #207120001 SAFE FOR ALL ENGINES
Made from compounds containing only Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The Longer You Use Fuel Magic
The More You'll Appreciate All of its Benefits.

Fuel Magic improves the combustion quality of all fuels while improving fuel efficiency of the engine itself - by adding lubrication and removing combustion chamber deposits. Fuel Magic also inhibits fuel tank corrosion and increases fuel stability.

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