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A Simple Explanation of How Fuel Magic Works
Clean pistons with and without Fuel Magic

When you treat your tank of fuel, Fuel Magic has an attraction to metal, forming a thin film which inhibits corrosion and lubricates the fuel system.  When it enters the combustion chamber, this attraction to metal is how Fuel Magic penetrates the combustion deposits, removing them with each firing of the engine; even hardened ones over time.  Regular use of Fuel Magic reverses the aging process of the combustion chamber caused by continual combustion chamber deposits.

Fuel Magic also has a combustion modifier which provides a more complete fuel burn.  Combining a clean, lubricated engine along with the combustion modifier, Fuel Magic adds power, reduces emissions and provides a significant improvement in fuel economy. 

Combustion curve graph with Fuel Magic

Fuel Magic's combustion modifier accelerates the fuel burn so that more of the engine's power is delivered instantaneously at the top of the piston stroke.  The graph at the right illustrates the combustion curve at peak engine pressure vs. combustion with untreated fuel.

Fuel Magic creates a more complete burning of fuel before the exhaust valves open--which results in more power, reduced carbon emissions, cooler exhaust temperatures and reduced valve wear.

With your very first tank of fuel you will notice more power and smoother acceleration - which will continue to improve with each tankful as hardened combustion deposits are burned away ashlessly with each firing of the engine.

Major Benefits from the Fuel Tank to the Combustion Chamber
The Longer You Use Fuel Magic
The More You'll Appreciate All of its Benefits.

By adding Fuel Magic to any fuel you are not only improving the combustion quality of the fuel but also improving the fuel efficiency of the engine itself.  Fuel Magic's unique benefits extend into the fuel system with tank corrosion protection and increased fuel stability.

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