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Big fuel, pollution and equipment life savings heavy fuel users.
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Big Savings on Fuel, Pollution and Equipment Life for Heavy Industries

The cost of bulk diesel and bunker fuels creates special problems for the shipping, construction and power generation industries, and new regulations governing global pollution create additional problems for heavy industry that must be solved.  The unique technology in Fuel Magic provides a cost effective solution that can save fuel and reduce hydrocarbon emissions on a large scale and increase profitability.

Fuel Magic works universally in all types of fuels to increase fuel performance while increasing engine efficiency at the same time. Fuel Magic’s uniqueness is that it has an attraction to metal, forming a thin film that inhibits corrosion from developing in fuel tanks and adding lubrication to the fuel system and combustion chambers. This attraction to metal allows Fuel Magic to penetrate combustion deposits, removing them with each firing of the engine.

Fuel Magic also has a combustion modifier which creates a more complete fuel burn. When combined with its penetrating action Fuel Magic adds power, reduces emissions, saves maintenance and extends engine life. Fuel Magic makes fuel burn more efficiently plus it increases the efficiency of the engine itself by cleaning the combustion chambers and keeping them clean.

The continuous cleaning of combustion chambers allows machinery to operate for much longer periods of time without overhaul. It dramatically reduces the toxic hydrocarbon emissions from building up during mining operations.

Fuel Magic is highly concentrated so that very little is needed to produce significant benefits. This creates cost and performance benefits unrivaled by any conventional fuel additive. Fuel Magic will usually save at least 7 times its cost in fuel savings alone in addition to long term maintenance and environmental benefits. These benefits and savings are magnified to a great degree with high volume fuel users.

Conserving Transportation Fuels
Railroad locomotive.

Field testing with the Fuel Magic technology in locomotives has shown fuel economy increases of anywhere between 5% to 16% depending on load, idling and conditions.

A single gallon of Fuel Magic will treat 3000 gallons of #2 diesel and therefore will save 150 gallons of diesel (at 5% savings) up to 480 gallons of diesel fuel (at 16% savings) for each gallon of Fuel Magic used.

Converting to liters, 1 U.S. gallon of Fuel Magic will treat 11,250 liters of #2 diesel and therefore will save 562 liters of diesel (at 5% savings) up to 1800 liters of diesel fuel (at 16% savings) per gallon of Fuel Magic used.

Fuel Savings and Noise Reduction for Power Generation
Industrial power generator array.

1 U.S. gallon of Fuel Magic will treat 10 metric tons of #2 diesel.

A power generating station that uses 500 metric tons of #2 diesel fuel would require 50 gallons of Fuel Magic to adequately treat its fuel. Assuming an 8% average fuel economy increase, the fuel savings would be 40 metric tons of #2 diesel fuel using 50 gallons of Fuel Magic.

Fuel Magic calms down generator noise and vibration, allowing for smoother, quieter operation. Use of Fuel Magic will also reduce hydrocarbon emissions by at least 20%.

The average fuel savings using U.S. fuels is 8% to 10% with Fuel Magic. Poorer quality diesel fuels often show a performance increase much higher than 10% and often 20% or more using Fuel Magic with a correspondingly greater decrease in emissions.

Conserving Marine Diesel and Bunker Fuels
Diesel powered ocean going vessel.

1 U.S. gallon of Fuel Magic will treat 7 metric tons of bunker fuel. Fuel Magic can be added to bunker fuels when they are in a liquid state. This can be accomplished by adding Fuel Magic to the day tank just prior to the fuel’s injection into the engine.

A ship that uses 40 metric tons of bunker fuel per day requires 6 gallons of Fuel Magic to adequately treat its fuel. Assuming the 8% average fuel economy increase, 3 metric tons of bunker fuel will be saved each day using 6 gallons of Fuel Magic.

You can also add Fuel Magic to your #2 diesel tanks when sailing into low pollution zones for lower emissions along with fuel savings.

Protection of Stored Fuels
Fuel storage facility.

Massive amounts of fuel stored for long periods of time are prone to fuel breakdown, especially in hot environments. Fuel Magic helps preserve the combustibility of stored fuels by arresting bacterial growth. Fuel Magic has the ability to encapsulate water droplets to prevent fuel separation. Fuels treated with Fuel Magic will retain their combustion value longer during storage.

Fuel Magic's attraction to the inside of tank surfaces reduces tank corrosion and helps to prevent leakage and ground contamination.

The Longer You Use Fuel Magic
The More You'll Appreciate All of its Benefits.

Fuel Magic's multiple benefits will save the industrial user very large amounts of money over time by increasing fuel economy, protecting stored fuels and making equipment last longer.  Fuel Magic will also allow much cleaner air during mining operations.

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